Custom Graphic Design
Recently we have added custom graphic design, including web, digital, and print, to our available services. The combination of these categories will result in a cohesive and effective brand identity that is appropriate for your company's specific needs. This addition has given us the ability to make international marketing a seamless process.

Web Design

The influence of the internet on marketing techniques has been tremendous. Although printed marketing, aka "collateral," is still very much used to attract customers a business's website is considered to be its most powerful tool. Websites are not only a convenient resource for current and potential customers, they are a chance to present your company as professional, international, and progressive.

Digital Design

Anything that is designed to be experienced on a computer, cellular phone, or other electronic device is considered part of digital design. GLC is able to use this technique to create custom, emails, email attachments (PDF, JPG, PNG, etc.), graphics, banner ads, and 2D animations. These options are made more valuable by GLC's ability to localize any of the items we create or that others have created.

Print Design

Print is often seen as traditional and out-dated in light of the recent revolution in technology BUT the benefits of a well-designed print project cannot be taken for granted. Business cards remain an essential aspect to all marketing strategies and are especially crucial for successful networking. Also, most companies send printed documents, such as invoices or applications, to their customers. GLC's understanding of high-quality design can give your printed materials that special edge to stand out from the competition.


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