How to Get the Most out of Your Translation Dollars

The following is an excerpt from our informative report "Smart Buyer's Guide to Translation Services" aimed to help you plan for your translation project. Please contact us for your complimentary copy today.

  • DO have your international audience in mind while writing the English document.
  • DO explain acroynms and abbreviations.
  • DO remember that more space is needed to fit the foreign language text.
  • DO submit the final version of the original document to save time and money.
  • DO avoid references, buzzwords, and jokes specific to your own culture.

Keep the lines of communication open with your translation service provider:

  • Make reference materials available to make sure that your message is conveyed accurately and consistently in the foreign language.
  • Share your past translation experiences, if any, the favorable ones, as well as the disappointments.
  • Assign a contact person to answer questions.
  • Specify exactly where your target audience is located so that a professional translator native to that part of the world can be assigned to your project.
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