Interpretation Services
Interpretation is the oral form of translation from one language into another.

The expert technical, medical and legal interpreters of Global Languages and Cultures, Inc. are ready to serve your different type of interpretation needs in Chicago and all across the world:

  • Simultaneous Interpretation
    The interpreter, who is located in a sound-proof booth communicates via headphones and radio link and interprets the speech as it is being delivered. This form of interpretation, which requires sophisticated equipment and specially trained interpreters, saves time and is generally used in multi-national conferences and live telecasts. Global Languages and Cultures, Inc. has proudly provided simultaneous Spanish interpretation services for NBC Canal Noticias during the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.
  • Consecutive Interpretation
    The interpreter waits until the speaker is finished before interpreting to another language. This form of interpretation is common at informal gatherings, small business meetings, telephone interpretations, and legal depositions.

    Global Languages & Cultures, Inc., also provides experienced escort interpreters to facilitate the communication needs of your visitors from abroad.
Our interpreters are at your service for the following occasions:
  • Business Meetings
  • IVRS  (Interactive Voice Response Systems)
  • Telecasts
  • Contract Negotiations, Legal Interpretations, Patent Cases
  • Court Sessions, Depositions
  • Trade Shows
  • Press Visits
  • International Telephone Conversations
  • Multinational Conferences
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Training Sessions

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