Quality Assurance
GLC will professionally fulfill all of your technical, medical, pharmaceutical, patent and legal translation and interpretation needs. Please see below the steps of our project management process. GLC project managers always follow these steps in order to ensure the best and most accurate translation services possible.


  1. GLC project managers compile a glossary.
  2. GLC's translator analyzes the glossary thoroughly, and completes a translation of the entries.
  3. GLC delivers the glossary to the client for review.
  4. If a glossary for that client already exists, revisions to the glossary are incorporated. The glossary is stored in the computer memory to ensure consistency and accuracy in all of the company's future documents.


  1. The GLC translator starts translating the document, using the formatted source file as a template. Terminology is based on the revised and approved glossary.
  2. GLC project managers compile the translator's questions and contact the company's technical writing or engineering department for clarifications.

Editing and Proofing

  1. GLC's native-speaking project manager or another qualified translator edits the completed translation and incorporates necessary corrections.
  2. A GLC project manager contacts the translator with suggestions regarding stylistic changes.


  1. GLC delivers the translation to the client via overnight courier or via the Internet using E-TRANSLATION® service.
  2. A GLC project manager schedules a meeting with the company contact to discuss suggestions for future projects.

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