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Success Stories

Can a very successful vacuum-cleaner ad have the same impact in Korea? The answer is yes, if Global Languages and Cultures, Inc. (GLC) handles the project. From translating the script to recording the audio using its Korean voice-over talents GLC made it happen.

An acclaimed jazz musician communicated his achievements to worldwide tour and concert organizers through Global Languages and Cultures, Inc. (GLC) translators.

A TV station hired GLC to provide simultaneous interpretation services at DNC (Democratic National Convention) for its Spanish-speaking audiences in the US and Latin American countries.

GLC regularly works with companies in subtitling and captioning industries to help non-English speakers and the hearing-impaired enjoy movies, documentaries and similar products of entertainment and educational value

Games can be very tricky to translate. Not a problem for GLC translators who have been performing this kind of work for many years. One of the major players in the video gaming industry partnered with GLC to have their video and pinball games translated into different languages, much to the delight of video game enthusiasts. The translated games became blockbusters in the target countries.


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