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Success Stories Related to Pharmaceutical Translations

The meeting planners of the XVth International Aids Conference relied on Global Languages and Cultures Inc. (GLC) for HIV/AIDS related medical translations. The languages included Papiemento, French and Dutch. GLC is proud to be a part of the worldwide HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment efforts.

A pharmaceutical conference in Athens went very smoothly, partly thanks to GLC’s interpreters who provided simultaneous interpretation services to the non-English speaking conference attendees.

A Fortune 50 medical device manufacturer enjoyed great success around the world with its radiology related software translated, localized and tested by GLC into 12 languages.

A medical professionals’ association communicates better with their non-English speaking visitors to their web site, translated into Spanish by GLC.

A leader in the pharmaceutical and genetic engineering fields always makes sure that GLC translates and back-translates all its ICFs, consent forms and protocols into different languages before it starts clinical trials on possible new drug treatments.

Only GLC dental translation experts could have delivered this translation project to our client’s satisfaction. Armed with degrees in dentistry and many years of experience, GLC translators translated alloy inserts into 15 languages for a prestigious dental products company. Whether it is tooth-whitening products or dental instruments, GLC’s expertise in dental translations allow its customers to communicate more efficiently with their target audiences around the world.

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