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Success Stories on Marketing Translations

When a French cosmetic giant assigned our client to market their products in Japan , the account managers at this company put their trust in Global Languages and Cultures, Inc® (GLC) team to typeset the marketing materials in Japanese. Our work allowed this prestigious company to maintain its same unique and discernible image around the world.

Marketing surveys help this leader in the fast food industry to fine-tune its menu offerings. Their marketing firm relies on GLC to translate the surveys to seek out the opinions of their non-English speaking crewmembers and customers. GLC delivers these flawlessly translated surveys within a very tight deadline.

Advertising slogans can be very tricky. It is even more challenging to convey the same message in a foreign language to a different target culture. GLC achieved just that for a soft drink ad campaign which featured rap lyrics aimed to connect with young buyers in Asia . Aired on local TV stations and published in music magazines in China , the translated rap lyrics titillated young Chinese music fans and boosted the soft drink sales in the target area.

When a medical manufacturer was contemplating a name for its flagship product, its marketing firm hired GLC to conduct a comprehensive brand name analysis on certain possible names in several languages. The research focused on the name's negative and positive connotations and other aspects in different languages. This small but smart investment enabled the manufacturer to prevent future embarrassments and launch its product overseas with confidence.

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