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Success Stories on Technical Translations

One of the leading electronics manufacturers sells its displays worldwide and calls on GLC on regular basis for its technical translation needs. The users of these displays enjoy well-written manuals and documents in their native languages.

A pioneer in the transducer technology benefited from GLC’s experience in electronics related translations when it conducted a survey among its worldwide distributors. GLC experts translated the survey which contained highly technical terminology into 11 languages and the responses received in these languages into English. The survey results helped this manufacturer tweak its sales strategy for different countries.

GLC came to the rescue, when a worldwide leader in Help Authoring tools needed urgent assistance in crossing the “t”s and putting the dots on the “i”s on its latest product before its international release. GLC turned in the requested translation work in 11 languages before the deadline.

A Fortune 50 medical device manufacturer enjoyed great success around the world with its radiology related software, translated, localized and tested by GLC into 12 languages within time and budget.


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